Toll Plaza Signage

Upon approach to the toll plaza, signage is in place advising the customers of the appropriate toll charges and advising users to get into the appropriate lane.

1, littleman3-WinCE 2, basket-WinCE 3, etoll-WinCE

4, creditcard-WinCE 5, greenarrow-WinCE     6,notrucks-WinCE

7, redx-WinCE

When entering the Toll Plaza, the following signage will be displayed:

  1. Cashier – At this lane all forms of payment are accepted
  2. Coin Basket – At this lane only the correct change will be accepted (no copper coins)
  3. eToll symbol – Interoperable Toll Tags accepted
  4. Credit Card – Credit Cards accepted
  5. Green Arrow – Lane is open
  6. No Trucks – No Trucks Allowed
  7. Red X – Lane is closed


Overhead signage on each lane will provide the road user with information which lane is applicable to their vehicle. In addition, the lane signage will indicate whether the lane is in manual or automatic mode and what type of payment is acceptable.