Saving Time & Money

Saving time and money these days is on everyone’s mind but here at the N6, we believe we can really help.

If you take an average trip from Galway city centre to Ballinasloe Town centre, the saving on time and money, when using the M6 tolled motorway, can be amazing.

The average car journey of this type using the M6 will take around 46 minutes compared to avoiding the toll plaza taking over one hour and fifteen minutes. An extra 29 minutes if you don’t meet any traffic on the minor roads and longer if you do. For a car, the saving in time isn’t just about time. Wear and tear on brakes, fuel economy and tyre wear is also a factor most don’t consider.

A huge amount of coast to coast bus services use the M6 tolled motorway now for the ease and the knowledge that they won’t get held up going through urban towns and get delayed by the traffic. The diesel savings can also add up for buses, being able to cruise at the optimum engine efficient speed allows these vehicles to really see the benefit of  using the motorway.

Light commercial vehicles are being used by individuals who really want to, and need to, save money. Small companies are looking at ways to save money wherever they can and having the foresight to not only save time but also the savings on fuel usage, are just some of the reasons that light commercial traffic is on the increase.

HGVs are also getting the benefits from the motorway. Once again they can save on fuel, wear and tear on their vehicles and time savings on not having to negotiate town traffic and narrow urban roads.