What is the speed limit on a Motorway?
The speed limit on the M6 Motorway is 120km per hour, there is a speed limit of 50km/h in force at the Toll Plaza.

What are the entrances to the M6 Motorway?
Coolagh Junction (Galway City) Glennascaul Junction(Oranmore), Athenry Junction, Carrowkeel Junction(Loughrea/Kiltullagh), West Balinasloe Junction, Tulrush Junction(East Balinasloe)

What happens if I break down on the M6 Motorway?
Pull into hard shoulder, exit car from front passenger side, if you are not in possession of a mobile phone walk to nearest SOS phone and call for assistance. SOS phones are located at maximum intervals of 1.5kms.

What can I do if I have an accident/emergency on the M6 Motorway?
Use a mobile phone or walk to nearest SOS phone and call for assistance

How can I get assistance if I have a problem in one of the Automatic Lanes?
Press the Intercom button labeled ‘HELP’ beside the coin basket and a Supervisor will assist you straight away.

Who is responsible for maintenance on the M6 Motorway?
N6 Operations Ltd are responsible for all maintenance the east of Garraun North underbridge to the west of the Tulrush Junction

General Motorway Information

How many lanes are there on the M6 Toll Plaza in Cappataggle?
There are 5 lanes in each direction: one express lane, two automatic lanes and two manual lanes. At least one lane of each type is opened 24 hours a day.

What are the toll rates for the M6 Motorway?
Details for toll charges are here.

How can I purchase a Trip Card?
Details on how to purchase a M6 Trip Card can be found at the following link –Trip Card Info

What class is my vehicle?
There are various vehicle classes, follow the link for more details.
Vehicle Classifications

Can I use my credit-card to pay the toll?
Yes, you can pay by credit card in the manual (toll operator present) or automatic (card payment facility present) lane.

Can I get a receipt for my payment in every lane?
Yes. You don’t need to go through a manual lane to get a receipt, you can get a receipt in the automatic/basket lanes by pressing the receipt button.

What if I turn up without any money?
The user will be required to sign an “Unpaid Toll Report” sheet. Failure to pay a toll is an offence. Users can repay their unpaid toll by cash at any toll booth or by credit card.

Can I use an exempt vehicle card from another toll plaza?
As of February 2020, any approved disability modified vehicle shall now be exempt from having to pay the toll charges while traveling on any Irish motorway.

Once a vehicle is registered and verified, a unique identity disc will be provided for your vehicle. Discs should be displayed on the vehicle’s driver’s side windscreen.

Further details on Disability Toll Exemption Scheme can be found from link below;



How do I contact customer service ?
Customer Services is available at 091 843 500/ 520. In addition, customers can log onto our website and click onto the “Contact Us” page.

Where do I make a complaint, query or a comment regarding N6 Concession Ltd?
One can make a complaint/query or comment by going onto our website and clicking on the “Contact Us” page.

Where can I get an electronic tag?
N6 Concession Ltd do not sell electronic tags, however we accept tags from other toll operators. For information on the different tag providers, go to www.etoll.ie