Adverse Severe Weather Conditions


Coincident with the potential arrival of adverse severe weather conditions, involving in some case hailstone, sleet or snow the drivers are reminded to drive safely under these circumstances and always adequate the driving to the surrounding traffic and meteorological conditions. 

Severe Weather Events – Hail:

While the overall meteorological conditions consistent with the potential occurrence of Hail storms can be forecast, the exact location of occurrences cannot be predicted and so pose a major threat to road safety, particularly on the high speed motorway /dual carriageway network.

Further, there are no pre-treatment options available to the road operator which can mitigate the effects of a Hail shower deposited on the road surface.

The Road Safety Authority supported by TII and road operators, has issued an advisory Video, ( which gives advice on driver strategy on encountering a Hail Event.

In summary motorists are advised to:

  • Reduce speed with minimal or no braking.
  • Maintain a straight line if possible.

For those involved in an incident at a Hail Event, drivers and passengers should be aware that statistics show that exiting the car and going on to the road is potentially very dangerous.

Drivers and passengers are advised to switch on their hazard warning lights, and to remain in their vehicle until all traffic has stopped.  When they judge that it is safe to do so;

  • the vehicle should be driven to a safe location; or,
  • if a vehicle is not driveable, exit from the vehicle and move to the safest available location, preferably behind a safety barrier.